10 tips for making sure your car tyres are safe

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It is important to have safe tyres on your car. An unsafe tyre can affect the handling, braking, fuel consumption and comfort of your vehicle. How can you make sure your tyres are safe? Here are 10 tyre safety tips to help keep your tyres in good condition.

Check your tyres

It’s important to check the condition of your tyres regularly because you don’t want to end up stranded on the side of the road. Make sure that all tyre treads are at least 4 millimetres deep and use a tread gauge to make sure they’re not worn out. You can also find out if your car needs new tyres by feeling for any uneven areas in the rubber. If you are not sure, just come along to Arrow Tyres and we will give your tyres a free safety check.

How often should you check your tyres?

The RAC warns that drivers may need to get new tyres on average every five years. To make sure they’re safe, check their tread depth and wear periodically to avoid unsafe driving conditions as we have a lot of pot holes and rough road surfaces that can damage your tyres.

What to look out for in a tyre and its condition

Buying new tyres for your vehicle is always a good idea, but it pays to be extremely careful when choosing them always go along to a trusted tyre fitting company or garage. Don’t be taken for a ride – it is not worth the risk. An experienced tyre company can always give you an estimate (depending on your mileage) of how long your tyres might last before they need replacing, and check if any of these are low or out of shape.

Is your car due a wheel alignment?

Make sure that your tyres are in good condition and keep them inflated to the correct pressure. If you notice that they are wearing on one side, or unevenly, your wheels may need aligning. Get your wheels checked by a professional straight away. If you have any doubts about whether your suspension system is working correctly, take it to a specialist for diagnosis. Don’t forget to have an MOT every year.

Wear and tear

The wear and tear of your tyres will affect the performance of your car. When you buy new tyres, check for wear indicators on the side of each tyre. The wear indicators are an arrow that points to where the maximum limit is for safe driving. As soon as you see one of these arrows, get it replaced because it’s not safe to keep driving your car with that tyre. You should also get them checked regularly to make sure that the tread is adequate, which means that it meets minimum requirements for traction.


The most important thing you can do to maintain your car’s safety is to make sure that the tyres are in working order. When driving, you should check these tyres for signs of damage or wear and replace them when necessary. Make sure they’re inflated to the proper pressure. These simple steps will help your car stay safe and make it easy for you and your passengers to enjoy a ride.