Tyre safety for potholes

Tyre safety tips for potholes and preventing damage

As drivers, we are all too familiar with the menace of potholes on the roads. These pesky craters can wreak havoc on our tyres and suspension systems, leading to costly repairs and potential safety risks. Check out our latest tyre safety tips on minimising pothole damage and find out how seriously it can impact your … Continue reading “Tyre safety tips for potholes and preventing damage”

Tyre fitter unscrewing wheel nuts

Recruiting for a full time tyre fitter

Arrow Tyre Services is a well established, family run, independent tyre company located in Newhaven, East Sussex. We are currently recruiting a new member of staff to join our friendly Newhaven team. Ideally, this person will be enthusiastic and bright, have an interest in car mechanics and preferably experience of fitting tyres, although we are … Continue reading “Recruiting for a full time tyre fitter”

Yokohama Tyre Offer

Yokohama Tyre Cashback Offer

Get up to £100 in cash back on Yokohama Tyres at Arrow Tyre Services – Limited Time Offer! Arrow Tyre Services, a proud Point S dealer, is excited to bring you an exclusive cashback deal on Yokohama Tyres until October 31st. If you’re in the market for new tyres, now is the perfect time to … Continue reading “Yokohama Tyre Cashback Offer”

10 tyre tips

Top 10 tyre tips to keep you safe this summer

Summer is finally here, and with the warm weather comes the urge to hit the road and embark on exciting adventures. Whether planning a road trip to the beach or a scenic drive through the countryside, it’s essential to ensure that your car is in perfect condition, particularly your tyres. Neglecting tyre maintenance can lead … Continue reading “Top 10 tyre tips to keep you safe this summer”

5 tyre tips

5 tyre tips to keep tyres in peak condition

When was the last time you checked your tyres? Our roads have more potholes than ever before, and our tyres are suffering the consequences. So, we have put together the five most important facts to keep you safe on the road. Our essential 5 tyre tips for looking after your tyres Uneven wear of the … Continue reading “5 tyre tips to keep tyres in peak condition”

Winter Tyres Avon Van Tyre

Winter Tyres – what is the difference?

Should I fit Winter Tyres? Should you fit winter tyres and what is the difference? Tyres made for winter driving have a higher natural rubber content giving them a softer structure which improves grip as the road temperatures change. Winter tyres are useful if temperatures fall regularly below 7+ degrees C, or you live remotely, … Continue reading “Winter Tyres – what is the difference?”

tyre mercedes

10 tips for making sure your car tyres are safe

It is important to have safe tyres on your car. An unsafe tyre can affect the handling, braking, fuel consumption and comfort of your vehicle. How can you make sure your tyres are safe? Here are 10 tyre safety tips to help keep your tyres in good condition. Check your tyres It’s important to check … Continue reading “10 tips for making sure your car tyres are safe”

arrow tyres southwick


On Wednesday 9 June, 2021, we regret that we will be closing our Southwick Depot. We have sadly made this decision even though it was the first one opened by our family just over 50 years ago. Circumstances beyond our control, including renewal of lease and, the unpredictability of Covid has unfortunately led to this … Continue reading “CLOSURE OF OUR SOUTHWICK DEPOT”

Electric car tyres Tesla


As electric vehicles continue to rise in popularity in the UK how do their tyres differ from standard tyres? The latest Government data shows the number of battery electric vehicles (BEV) owned by individuals I the UK, rose by nearly 30,000 in the 12 months to September 2020. This is an increase of 53% on … Continue reading “ARE ELECTRIC VEHICLE (EV) TYRES DIFFERENT?”

Avon Van Tyre


If you are not sure which tyres are best for your minivan, van or commercial light truck, come and chat with the experts and find out what would work best for your business. Choosing the right tyres can cut your fuel consumption, reduce your braking distance in the wet and will last your business longer. … Continue reading “BEST VAN TYRES FOR STRENGTH AND DURABILITY”