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As electric vehicles continue to rise in popularity in the UK how do their tyres differ from standard tyres?

The latest Government data shows the number of battery electric vehicles (BEV) owned by individuals I the UK, rose by nearly 30,000 in the 12 months to September 2020. This is an increase of 53% on the previous year. More than one third are located in the South East and London.

While we are only beginning to see more on our roads, it appears they are becoming more popular.

Electric cars feel very similar to normal cars, but they are very quiet, and clearly very different under the bonnet.

Is the wear on tyres increased with an electric car?

Electric cars are much heavier than regular cars due to the battery requirement, so logically, there will be more wear on electric car tyres. The pressure of a larger load means an ordinary tyre won’t last as long or stand up to our demanding roads as well.

Are electric vehicle tyres more expensive?

EV tyres have been specifically designed to cope with excess weight and the instant torque of an electric vehicle. When these tyres are made, the manufacturers considered:

  • Construction methods
  • Side Wall design
  • Rubber compounds
  • Tread design
  • Groove width
  • Belt arrangements

Because more time and effort go into the development, there is a higher price tag than with a conventional car.

EV tyres will last longer

These electric vehicle tyres are impressively quiet, durable and will save you money in the long term. You will also be more aware of your surroundings when running on quiet EV tyres.

EV tyres will last longer and are designed to accommodate the vehicle’s additional weight and absorb any extra strain.

EV tyres are quieter. If you put standard tyres on a BEV, you may experience more road noise.

If you use normal tyres, expect them to wear around 30% quicker than EV tyres, and they won’t be able to handle their torque.

Like any other tyres, it is worth extending the life of your tyres by monitoring their wear. We advise checking them regularly. Making sure the tread is legal and that they are inflated to the correct pressure.

Wheel balancing and aligning

Checking if your wheels are balanced will ensure that the wear is even and equally distributed over all of your tyres.

We often get asked for wheel alignment. Did you know wheel alignment will not only improve your tyre performance and vehicle, but wheel alignment will improve fuel efficiency and make your steering more responsive? If you need one or more of your tyres changing or would like us to give your tyres a free safety check, then please pop by or give us a call. We are a friendly and experienced local tyre business which has been trading for over 50 years. We provide competitive quotes and honest advice whether you require tyres, brakes, batteries or exhausts.

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