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It is easy to forget how important our car tyres are and it is not until the autumn, when you may feel that your grip on the road isn’t as good as you remember it, then you might consider checking the pressure and giving them the once-over. But do you know what you are looking for?

Tyre advice from experts

At Arrow Tyres, our fitters are specialists and know exactly what to look for when they check your tyres. It is easy to forget that the only point of contact between your car and the road – is your tyres.

Did you know that a new tyre comes with around 8-9 mm of tread and that once you get below 3 mm your car can take as much as 44% longer to stop in wet conditions? The bare minimum for tyres is 1.6mm across the central- three-quarters of the tyre but this will severely affect your braking performance.

Why are tyre tread patterns so important?

The channels in the tread pattern are vital to dispersing surface water – this prevents you aquaplaning and when the tread gets thin, you lose your grip and your tyres are unable to disperse water quickly and efficiently.

Should you buy part worn tyres?

One of the things we do know is that part worn tyres are often sold because they have come from cars involved in accidents. Just consider that those tyres will have been subjected to considerable force – how much, one will never know and although there are strict conditions to selling part worn tyres, it is generally not an attractive choice.

Affordable tyres

If you talk to any reputable tyre dealer, you will find tyres are available for different costs and a brand new tyre may only cost you a fraction more than a part worn tyre. Tyres are available these days to cover all budgets – from entry level tyres to performance tyres. Do discuss options with your local dealer, take your car in for a tyre check and make sure your vehicle is ready for those autumn rains and misty mornings.

Visit our branches in Newhaven and Southwick, Brighton and we will check your tyres for you.