Tyre Art invite

An invitation to create art with tyres as part of our 50th Anniversary Celebrations in 2018.

Arrow Tyres Services are celebrating 50 years in business this year. As a local company which started at Southwick, near Brighton we shortly afterwards opened our Newhaven branch and to celebrate this business milestone, we wanted to do something different, involving the community, local businesses, artists and organisations.

Newhaven and the arts

This year, we have discovered that Newhaven is a hotbed of artists! Something we appreciate as art does run in the family. We, therefore, liked the idea of coming up with a free-to-enter summer competition for local artists, community groups, individuals and businesses to up-cycle old tyres into creative artworks or usable products.

It’s not all about the prize money but there is £100 prize for the winning artwork

We can offer free resources – dependent upon availability and the deadline is well in advance for entries – 28th August 2018 at 12 noon. You don’t need to purchase anything or even be a customer and entrants can enter up to a maximum of 3 items.

Because of the nature of tyres and the strength of the material, we do need to think about safety so we have restricted the entry to over 18 as we know you will be probably be using some cutting tools to make the artwork. We advise entrants to ensure they use appropriate gloves and equipment safely.

To download the flyer with the entry details here or give us a ring on 01273 515128 to ask about used tyres as resources.

For ideas visit our Pinterest page and do post your entries on Facebook and share them with us!