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How do you drive? Fast and aggressive or cool and composed?

Aggressive corning and braking will put more wear on your tyres, as will driving at higher speeds.

Do you load your car or van?

Excess loads increases wear on your tyres, so if you are a business owner and carry excessive weight around, expect your tyres to wear out soon. If you pull a trailer or caravan – your tyres are going to wear out quicker.

Are you under pressure?

What we mean by that is do you have time to check your tyre pressures? No? Driving on under-inflated or, on over-inflated tyres will both increase wear. We advise checking your tyres at least once a month to get the most wear out of them.

Why do my front tyres wear faster than my rear tyres?

It’s all to do with the steering. Because of the movement you create steering your care, the tyres on the driven wheels will wear faster.

When was the last time you checked your wheel alignment?

If your wheels are not aligned, or your suspension components such as shock absorbers are worn, this is another cause of wear and uneven wear.

How long should my tyres last?

You should get at least 20,000 miles out of front tyres and around double that for rear tyres, on a front wheel drive car. However, tyres meet a lot of different demands on our roads today.

The longer lasting tyres are frequently the noisiest as they are manufactured from harder compounds. Even the tread pattern can affect the amount of road noise.

Buying softer tyres will give a quieter ride but will wear quicker.

Tyres also degrade with heat, sunlight and moisture. All weathers can have an effect on the life of a tyre.

Not sure if your tyres need replacing?

Confused? Don’t be; we have experts on hand who can give your tyres a free check if you need reassuring. Just call into one of our local garages in Newhaven or Southwick for some friendly advice and ensure your tyres are roadworthy.