alloy wheel and tyre

At Arrow Tyres, we like to help our customers remain safe on the road, and with autumn rolling in early this year, we thought it would be good to remind you of some of the essential motoring tips for the winter.

We are all living life in the fast lane, and it is quite easy to forget to look after your car. It is not until you hear a strange sound coming from under the bonnet or from a wheel, that it reminds you that you haven’t prepared, or checked your car, for winter.

We’re all the same – we expect our wheels to keep going all year round, come rain and shine and, for anyone who has been driving on the A26 Newhaven to Lewes road for the last few months, the wear and tear from the road surface will certainly have had an effect on your wheels.

We’re really pleased that the Highways agency will commence road repairs on Monday 9 October and, although it will take three months of night closures to complete the stretch, our car, van and lorry tyres will see less damage. Read more about the road closures here.

If you are not too sure about how to check your tyres, at Arrow Tyres, we will check them for free for you. Why not pop in when you are passing our Newhaven or Southwick garages, and we can take a look at them? Making sure your tyres are above the legal limit of 1.6mm, will greatly improve your steering and your braking.

And, it’s not just tyres that need checking, with the darker evenings it would be good to check your lights. It sounds simple but all of a sudden you might have less visibility on a foggy morning, and it is easy and quick to do.

Checking your brakes is also another winter essential. If you feel your braking has become a little less responsive than before, it may mean your discs or pads are worn. A set of brake pads could last you 50,000 miles, or if you frequently drive around towns and are braking fairly constantly, they may only last around 25,000 miles.

If you have heard a squeak or squeal from your brakes, your pads will probably need replacing. Some brake pads are equipped with wear indicators which will squeal a warning sound, but this kind of noise could also indicate other problems.

At Arrow Tyres, we can tell you exactly what is wrong and can replace your brakes or discs quickly, efficiently and at competitive prices. If you are looking for experienced, friendly and efficient fitters, do call in and let us give you some genuine advice, a competitive quote, and Arrow’s exceptional service.

Arrow Tyres – keeping your wheels on the road this autumn.